Posted on Nov 10, 2019

Pensacola Endodontics

How to Manage Your Cavity Pain

Tooth decay destroys the hard enamel and cementum of your teeth, exposing the nerves and leading to sensitive teeth and toothaches. You need to see your dentist to get your tooth decay repaired, but what do you do until your appointment?

Make an appointment to see your general dentist right away

Brush with warm water

Try an OTC anti-inflammatory pain reliever

Apply oil of cloves (eugenol)

Keep your mouth as clean as possible

Consider sealing the cavity with a temporary OTC filling material

Your general dentist may recommend an evaluation for Endodontic therapy, also known as a root canal. Once your referring dentist has faxed or emailed your referral to us, we will gladly call you as soon as possible to get you scheduled. We have been inundated with referrals do to situations that are out of our control, but rest assured, you are very important to us.

We look forward to taking care of your Endodontic needs.
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